We are re-engineering “Information Formats” to improve education.
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3 Questions to think about….

1. What is the history that gave us our current “Information Systems” ?
2. How we use our current symbols and systems ?
3. Can those systems be re-engineered to work better?

The answer to the last question is a definite YES!  These systems CAN be re-engineered to work better!  Like a software upgrade, our new systems are easier to: Learn, Teach and Use!

The information we currently teach our kids comes from “learning-systems” that are hundreds or even thousands of years old!

Who we work with?
Industry and Academic experts who: test, challenge and help develop our systems.

What Topics we are updating…and Why?
1. Music Notation, 2. Phonetic Spelling, 3. Memory Skills and 4. Mathematics.
These topics lend themselves to updating and are used throughout the education system.

Our first product…..Music Notation


To understand the evolution of music notation look at these examples below.

Over the years…. pitch and timing dot symbols  get graphed to staff line system.


You can see how the notation is getting more specific over time.

How we changed Music Notation…?
We re-engineered music symbols into numbers that can be entered from your computer keyboard.  The music notation being described equitable…”equitable” being that it expressing the information a different way but the music is exactly the same.

The notation on the top is our “Flat-Staff Traditional” format for current musicians.  The lower version is converted to numbers that anyone can read.



Kids at our camps could play immediately and enjoyed playing one song after another.
kids playing numbered notes

It changes the learning curve for reading and playing music dramatically.  People literally finding it so intuitive that they can play melodies immediately. It is vastly easier to: learn, teach and use.  The reason people can play it so fast is that they are already familiar with numbers.ss

The effectiveness of Numbered Notes proves we can successfully re-engineer learning formats.

To learn more about Numbered Notes please visit our site an play some songs…….www.numberednotes.com

Other topics we are working on…


What’s next…..

2. Phonetic Language

The modern Korean language is a special letter system that is designed to represent the formations of the mouth.   This association makes learning the letters easier.  Modern day South Korea has a 97.5 literacy rate for people 15 years old and older.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 3.11.56 PM
Source for images: http://wright-house.com/korean/korean-alphabet.html

What if our “language systems” could also be improved like the Korean alphabet?  What if the new way of phonetic spelling was so consistent to use and easy to learn that kids could master it by 3rd grade?

History of our spelling conventions.

Word origins and how that shapes spelling.

Our language system is focussed on phonetic spelling and will help users spell without error and pronounce other languages.


The alphabet we use has evolved over time.

History of writing
History of Writing


Once we started writing things down the letters started evolving too…

evolution from pictogram to letter


Modern education is mainly focussed on delivery of the systems we inherited….. but we should also look at the “learning formats” themselves.  This is one area of our modern lives that has remained mostly unchanged for hundreds of years now.  Why?  Each learning format is like an older version of “software” for the human mind.  

We believe we can re-engineer the “software” and make significant improvements!


– Make new learning formats

– Transform human learning

– Provide free web base distribution for global learning.



3. Memory Skills
This format will introduce mnemonic techniques for increasing “human memory”. Many of these memory skills are analogous to software programs that allow you to compress and uncompress information as needed.  Memory skills are something anyone can learn.  What if the average person could achieve useful degrees of memorizing and learning new information? Our education system could teach more in less time with better results!

Our memory skills techniques will work to expand the learners ability to master core materials and large amounts of random content.

4. Mathematics
This upgrade will attempt to redefine how we identify and calculate numbers. With an optimized number system and improved strategies for solving problems we could all wield numbers with incredible speed. There are currently humans who use special thought processes to calculate large numbers as fast as the audience members who enter it into a calculator. There are also human Savants who have special brain functionalities that allow them to do amazing feats of memory and calculation. What if ALL humans could do such things?

Alternative approaches to doing calculations

Our math system offers new symbols for showing amounts and doing calculations.


The hardware of the human brain allows for incredible thinking…what if we upgraded the “software” we are running on it?

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